Facebook Algorithmic Factory: Katarzyna Szymielewicz, Faith Bosworth, Vladan Joler, Paweł Janicki

What happens when we upload a photo to the web? Katarzyna Szymielewicz (Panoptykon), Faith Bosworth (Peng! Collective), Vladan Joler (SHARE Lab) and Paweł Janicki (WRO Art Center) will present the results of a scientific research conducted by the SHARE Lab, a Serbian laboratory exploring various effects of our network activity.

The results of the project – presented in the form of an active curatorial tour – will be accompanied by a large-scale installation designed by Paweł Janicki, artist constantly working with WRO Art Center.

“Facebook Algorithmic Factory” is an interactive installation, shedding light on invisible processes that happen inside of the World’s largest social network. Inside of this black box, non-transparent algorithms are deciding what kind of content will become part of our reality, what will be censored or deleted, which ideas will spread and which news will gain most visibility. They also define new forms of labour and exploitation. Users are no longer clients. They only provide data, which serves as raw material in the production of digital profiles – key commodity on internet stock markets.

“Facebook Algorithmic Factory” generates enormous amount of wealth and power, creating a deep economic gap between the ones who own and control the means of production and the  users who often live below the poverty line. Deep under the layers of algorithmic data processing  there can be hidden new forms of human rights violation, new mechanisms of exploitation and manipulation that we no longer control. Our first step of fighting back is to make them visible.

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