Mute Music

Maciej Markowski (PL) + John Zorn (US)
The National Forum of Music / pl. Wolności 1
May 19 – 27, 2017

special event under the program of the Musica Electronica Nova festival

installation on John Zorn’s “Dark River” from the “Redbird” album


A chamber made of thick plexiglas, installed on an oak pedestal is equipped with a speaker that plays John Zorn’s “Dark River” on loop. Vacuum is produced inside the chamber, so due to the lack of air, in this situation a conductor of acoustic waves for the human ear, the composition is not heard outside the plexiglass walls. The only way to experience it is through observation of the visual effects that are the outcome of playing the song: intense movement of the speaker and the steady pace of the sound level meter.

More information: HERE


Maciej Markowski (PL), born 1976, a musician and a programmer. He studied mathematics at the University of Wroclaw and completed the second degree music school in Wroclaw. He co-founded the band Small Instruments, with which he recorded an LP album “Antonisz” and made many musical projects, including the award-winning Toucan OFF statuette of the 29th Review of Stage Songs in Wroclaw for the performance “Power of Sound”. He plays in the band Kariera, with which he recorded two albums: “The City” and “Lullabies”; together with four other amateur musicians, he is part of the ironic-experimental pseudo-sea shanties band Shantharion. He produces videoclips (“Manekiny”, “Koniec wakacji”), and designs and programs multimedia installations (“Odtwarzacz miejski”, “Quartet for Tomatoes”, “Lustra”). He has cooperated with Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, the Capitol Musical Theatre, BWA Wroclaw, Children’s Art Centre in Poznan, WRO Art Center, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle. He runs the Czerwony Dworek 8 centre of culture and recreation in Myslakowice.