Networks of Culture

open session + program discussion

May 18, 2017 / 11 AM – 4 PM
Barbara Infopoint

The “Networks of Culture”, held during the WRO Biennale, is to be a great opportunity to discuss the state of the digital culture in Poland. The leading specialists in the field of the digital culture and communication in Poland, including Alek Tarkowski, Mirosław Filiciak, Aleksandra Janus and Paweł Janicki, are going to tackle the Internet as a cultural model influencing the whole of culture.

In conversation with the audience, the participants will discuss network issues but also networking, starting from the question of whether the Internet can still inspire us and facilitate self-organization processes.

The initiators of the meeting say: “We feel the need for critical reflection on whether there are any we centered around digital culture and sharing technology interests in society. Is there a community of beliefs and interests that makes it meaningful to think in terms of an environment that shares common goals or – at least – common knowledge?”.