UFF feat. WRO

May 18 – 21, 2017

We would like to invite all the WRO Biennale participants to the UFF club which turns into the WRO Biennale festival club this year. Within three days, we’ll be sharing enthusiasm of arts and audiovisual performances of the invited and local artists. UFF feat. WRO is also the BYOB event within the program of Nights of Museums



May 18, 2017 / start: 11 PM

Michaël Borras a.k.a. Systaime (FR), the French Trash Touch founder and member, who’ll present the K0ch4m c!ę WR(4) CL4W / P3rf3ct Wr0 L!F3 set, prepared specially for the WRO Biennale. His art is based on genres, such as glitch, vaporwave and netart. His music is mixed with visualisations in which you can find sampled pictures from the web.

H4ppy French Trash Touch Audio Video Web Mix / Gl!tch / Fu5!0n / PunK / D4nc3 / 3l3ctro / H0u553 / V4p0r / Ch4rts / Y0uR L!f3 !5 P3rf3ct N0W


May 19, 2017 / start: 9 PM

Lap0fvw (UA) is focused on implementation of glitch aesthetic into the prepared audiovisual structures. The recombination of the source elements and the juxtaposition of the data streams yield in random appearances of errors, forming unique audiovisual objects and events. Diverse sides of digital data manipulation in atavistic IDMish vein.

Der Warst (DE) is a balance and a drug. An excuse for losing control. An ever-evolving improvised journey through sonic and visual glitchscapes, infused with punk, shaped by a laboratory of self-made instruments that quite often look a lot like old telephones. Communicative devices to create opulent multi-sensual experiences. Intense and cathartic.

ŻÓŁĆ (PL) – a secret group, regularly performing in the style of synths and words, modular experiment of sound and poetry. This time, the live act goes into the area of audio performance based on the analog modular synthesizer and a mixer improvisation. The sound will rise its structure, simultaneously getting deeper and richer.

Phraktale (PL)  – a newborn project of Paweł Kreis, Dominik Kalamarz and Jan Kiszka, based on the fascination of technology and variety of sound shapes.


May 20, 2017 / start: 8 PM

BYOB [Bring Your Own Beamer]