Border Mover
Nika Oblak & Primož Novak (SI)
kinetic video installation, 2015

“Border Mover” is dealing with contemporary individual being trapped by overwhelming technology and routine of our everyday existence, which more and more resembles monotony of operating machines. It is playing with ideas of physical and psychical boundaries as the consequence of capitalistic, neoliberal globalization, where it seems dreams are impossible and that a different world cannot exist.

Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak (SI), born 1975 and 1973 respectively, completed M.F.A. at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts. They have been working as an artist’s collective since 2003. In their art practice, they examine contemporary media and capital driven society as they dissect its visual and linguistic structure. Oblak and Novak exhibited worldwide, in venues like the Sharjah Biennial, Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo, Istanbul Biennial, Biennale Cuvee in Linz, Transmediale in Berlin, FILE in Sao Paulo. They received numerous grants and awards, including the CYNETART Award by the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau in Dresden.