Collar AG
installation, 2016

“Collar AG” is a wearable device that creates unique experience for spatial intervention. The device pretends to be an audio guide to walk you through the exhibition site, giving you the information of different artworks automatically. Yet, the device will intervene your behavior. It is equipped with microcontroller, sensors, counter clock, buzzer and the virtual docent “Suri” is a hacked “Siri” voice that monitors your route inside the exhibition. Suri will also distract you with some “extra” information about all other artworks. In another aspect, it acts as a media fashionable object that seduces audience. As the exhibition theme is about surveillance, the “Collar AG” is recalling the medium specificity nowadays; we are willing to surrender under ideological frames of the Internet filtering bubbles and the Internet always give you the best.

XCEED (HK) is a new media art collective based in Hong Kong, focusing on digital art installation, crafting spatial experience, interactive and audiovisual performance. The works has been showcased to various international art festivals, including FILE, 404, Kernel, Cynet, Microwave, Beijing Media Art Biennale, Seoul International NewMedia, Lumen Prize and Madatac. Recently, “RadianceScape” has been selected in Ars Electronica Festival and at the same time it is exhibited in Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei. XCEED is about transcending boundaries and go beyond limitations.

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