der Warst
Simon Schäfer (DE)
audiovisual performance, 2000-ongoing

“der Warst” is my balance and drug. An excuse for losing control. An ever evolving improvised journey through sonic and visual glitchscapes, infused with punk, shaped by a laboratory of self-made instruments that quite often look a lot like old telephones. Communicative devices to create opulent multi-sensual experiences. Intense and cathartic.

Simon Schäfer (DE), born in 1978 in Mainz, Germany. He completed graduate studies in Sculpture and Media Art at HfG Offenbach and the RCA in London. He expands his sculptural practice through audiovisual circuit bending and hardware hacking, exploring interconnections between object, technology and performance. He has shown his work at numerous international shows and festivals including Ars Electronica 2016. He collaborated with Cornelia Böhnisch on the Theater Play Fuge // Fuge at Toihaus Theater Salzburg in 2016 and co-runs the neighbuorhood art-/hackspace Mono Shop in Berlin.