Collected works
Marta Krześlak (PL)
video, 2015, 6:41

When exploring the area within 15 kilometers from home, the artist collected works created for a certain purpose that lost their function under the influence of the environment in which they exist, and thus became absurd or gained a new quality. The “collected works” are a proof of a man subconsciously creating site-specific installations in everyday environment.

Marta Krześlak (PL), born in 1994 in Wyszków. She studies at the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In her works, she uses different media: from video and photography, to installation and painting. She is looking for the non-obvious, which often appears in the juxtaposition of the effects of human activity with the forces of nature. Her works have been shown at the solo and group exhibitions in Museum of Art in Lodz (2016), Oktogon der HfBK w Dreźnie (2014), the Labyrinth Gallery in Lublin (2016), among others.