Embroidered Data
Ioan Ovidiu Cernei (RO)
interactive installation + objects, 2015-2017

The work presents generative embroidery patterns and a data input form that allows the visitor to create their own pattern. Traditional embroidery patterns were used for communicating the identity of individuals within rural communities. The embroidery generator attempts to extend this practice and adapt it to contemporary identities. The regional markers of the patterns are created by comparing the user’s country of origin with the country of residence and against the whole European continent on factors such as GDP, population dimensions, cultural diversity and minorities. The other markers represent a more fine grained comparison between individual education levels, careers and social relationships. The resulting patterns are thus a reflection on issues of identity, migration practices and inequality within contemporary Europe.

Ioan Ovidiu Cernei (RO), born in 1987, completed graduate studies in interactive art at Interface Cultures Lab at Linz University of Arts and Design. His work uses the broad variety of technology as a medium to express and satisfy needs, worries and frustrations of everyday life  through playful interactions and to find solace and understanding in the face of an otherwise harsh and complex reality.  Highlights of his career are showing his work at FILE Electronic Language Festival Sao Paolo in 2016, OK Center Linz during Höhenrausch in 2016, Ars Electronica Festival 2014 and 2011 and MuseumsQuartier “Technolust Exhibtion” Vienna in 2012.