Fontalan 01
Alan Segal (AR)
video + processing script + laser print, 2016

“Fontalan 01” is an oral-drawing-translation-typography-generated project.

The name “Fontalan” is a silly word game that makes reference to Fontana, a typography designed by Rubén Fontana, a renowned Argentinean graphic designer.

Typographic characters are marks superposed on the alphabetic letters. These drawings respond to conflicting purposes: reading and contemplation. The attention given the readability excludes the attention given the visibility. A typography could also be a drawing matrix. Is it possible to relink the alphabet to a new set of references and images?

Segal works with 26 descriptions of possible drawings. The verbal recitation of these drawings are processed by a simple script, using the sound information of the artist’s voice to create a series of linear drawings.

Alan Segal (AR), born in 1985, he studied at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Program for Artist and Curators, Universidad Di Tella, and is currently completing his master in Fine Arts at The Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College. He uses drawings, video, coding and sound to design works that reveal alternative systems of communicative convention. “Tutorial”  (2015) was his last solo show at SlyZmud. Recent group exhibitions include “Prasing the surface” at the Hesell Museum of Art in 2016 and “To push an ism” at MAMBA (Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art) in 2015.