Event Horizon
Magdalena Gembala (PL)
interactive installation, 2016

supervisor: Grzegorz Biliński, Prof.
course: Intermedia
Archisphere Studio
Space Art Faculty
Intermedia Department
The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow

The artist attempts to explain and visualize the phenomena occurring inside the black hole. Familiar with recent discoveries in the field of astronomy and physics, she tries to present how the objects can affect human consciousness. The work refers to the limits of human cognition: the impossibility of imagining more dimensions than we know from everyday experience. The construction as a variation on the Möbius strip gives the possibility of touching infinity and transmits the observer into another reality with which he or she can interact.

Magdalena Gembala (PL), born in 1993, graduated from the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (bachelor’s degree, 2016). Currently a student of Applied Computer Science at the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science, AGH University of Science and Technology (Kraków), and Product Design at the School of Form in (Poznań). Artistic works reflect the broad spectrum of her interests. She focuses on the subject of science in the art world, effectively combines disciplines, such as design, physics or programming. She works mainly with installation, 2D and 3D graphics, and photography.