Tidal Wave
Shota Yamauchi (JP)
video, 2016, 8:15

As a result of the Megi island’s tourism development, there are vast amount of plastic objects and billboards that feature ogres across the Oniga-Shima, known as an island of smiling ogres.

Shota Yamauchi (JP), born in 1992, a Japanese intermedia artist. He studied new media in the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts. He is the laureate of many awards, among others, “Tomoya Watanabe awards” at 20th Campus Genius Award (2015), MEC Award 2015, Takamatsu Media Art Festival (2015), Media Practice (2016), Culture and Arts Award “Ikuo Hirayama awards” (2016) and Tokyo Wonder Wall Award (2016). His works have been twice presented in Poland: in Wroclaw at the “Synthetic nature” exhibition within the Eco Expanded City project (2016), and in Warsaw at the “moths, crabs, fluids” exhibition in the Koszyki Hall (2016). He lives and works in Yokohama.