Tinnitus Studies
Hui Ye (CN)
installation, 2015

“Tinnitus Studies” is a long-term project which explores the experience of those who suffer from tinnitus. Developed through a series of recorded interviews and generated aural tests with tinnitus sufferers, the project takes the form of a sound archive and publication. In interviews, the subjects then describe the noises they experience whilst the artist generate tinnitus-like sound with the help of MaxMSP. Through this process of live sound manipulation with a direct input from the subject, she recreates and record their personal aural phenomena. Apart from the tinnitus-sound archive, Ye transcribes fragments of the recorded conversations into a publication alongside a series of spectrograms which are grafted from the generated tinnitus-sounds.

Hui Ye (CN), born in 1981 in Canton, China. She studied composition and electronic music (1997-2002) and composition and electroacoustic composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna (2004-2011). Since 2010, she is studying Digital Arts and TransArts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Ye’s artistic works spans video, graphic, sound performances, sound and video installations, instrumental and electroacoustic compositions. Having an artistic background as a graduated composer and with profound experience as musician and performer, Hui Ye questions the synchronicity of image and sound. In her artistic work, she explores the transformations of auditive and visual components.

Besides that, as a chinese artist based in Vienna since years, Ye is reflecting her personal experience of the everyday life. The issues of the social identity of the individual, transculturality and cross-culture studies are of increasing relevance in her artistic practice.

She is cofounder of the moment collective – a platform for experimental music, audio-visual and performing arts in Vienna.

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