Vintage Print (Vintage Print)
Siegfried A. Fruhauf (AT)
video, 2015, 12:30

Medial triptych through time as stunning journey of discovery: a photographic landscape scenario starts to become animated to the rhythm of crickets´ chirping; hops back and forth and over the course of the work runs through mutations that originate; on the one hand, in the filmic medium, on the other hand, the digital. Where picture succeeds picture and a stroboscopic flicker and the patina of a filmstrip are discernable, we glide into the medial rhythm-temporality-of analogue film. Where the image stacks up and becomes temporalized mainly through pixel mutations, the digital algorithms can be perceived in the duration of the work. (Alejandro Bachmann)

Siegfried A. Fruhauf (AT), born 1976 in Grieskirchen and grown up in the small village of Heiligenberg. Studied Experimental Visual Design at the University of Artistic and Industrial Design in Linz. He has made numerous works and shows in the area of film, video and photography, and participated in various important international film festivals, e.g. Festival de Cannes, International Filmfestival in Venice, Berlinale, Sundance Film Festival Park City. Laureate of the Supporting Award for Filmart by the Austrian Federal Chancellery (2002). Since 2009 lecturer at the University of Artistic and Industrial Design in Linz. Member of sixpackfilm in Vienna.