Virtual Narcissism
Martina Menegon (IT)
multimedia installation, 2015-ongoing

“Virtual Narcissism” is a series of virtual performative sculptures that show the untouched results of the artist’s body that has been obsessively 3D scanned. The artistic process challenges 3D scanning technique by self-scanning and remaining still simultaneously without loss of body data in the final 3D model. The work reflects on the translation of the body into a virtual state, it creates a grotesque dialogue between the physical and the digital.

The overall effect of it all is something approaching David Cronenberg if he were exploring surrealistic body horror through VR art.

– DJ Pangburn, Play Voyeur Inside an Artist’s 3D Selfie Archive,, 2016

The online archive is available here.

Martina Menegon (IT), born in 1988, is a new media artist, programmer and educator. She creates interactive multimedia installations as well as virtual realities that deal with the alienation from physicality and question the gap between real and virtual, flesh and data. She regularly collaborates with Klaus Obermaier and Stefano D’Alessio, creating interactive performances and installations as well as teaching multimedia tools for interactive arts. She is teaching Interactive Art at the Art University of Linz and Public Space and New Media at the University of Applied Art in Vienna. She currently lives and works in Vienna.