X Exit – Useless Machine
Remu IWAI @ room 1224 & associates (HK)
video, 2015, 3:50

“The more oppressed we are, the more we rebel; the more useless we are, the more we need to act!” Inspired by the Rube Goldberg Machine, “X Exit – Useless Machine” is an absurd, bizarre and twisted mechanical design. With dancer’s body and objects as starting point, the dance film explore the uselessness of a particular space and the beauty of absurdity; with the most superfluous flow of funny chain movements, they went a long way to complete an otherwise minimal and simple action.

The concept and ideas of the work were conceived and developed from the “New Works Forum: Screendance” co-presented by the West Kowloon Cultural District and the City Contemporary Dance Company.

Dancers: Henry SHUM, LAM Ka Wing, Calvin NGAN.

Remu IWAI (HK) (real name: Kong Wai Remus NG), born in 1981, graduated from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong, is a cross-disciplinary artist, always exchange and transform ideas from different disciplines, e.g. site-specific theatre, film montage theory, or even Rube Goldberg machine, to explore issues of human life situations, vanishing cities, personal memories, etc. Recent works: dance-film “Soul is just a Fragment of Ether” (2017, created during an artist-in-residency in Malakta Art Factory, Finland), theatre work “Hemispherical Red and Black – A 2047 Odyssey” (2016), mockumentary “No Such Place” (2013, a Hong Kong-Wales collaborative interdisciplinary project in Chapters Arts Centre, Cardiff) and experimental video “I am looking at you looking at me looking∞” (2011).