WRO 2017 Awards

The WRO 2017 DRAFT SYSTEMS Award at the disposal of the artistic director

Elvin Flamingo (PL) + InferRadosław Deruba (PL) + Patryk Chyliński (PL)
We – The Common Body

Statement: 1. Get the beat. 2. Listen to the wisdom of the system. 3. Expose your mental models to the open air. 4. Stay humble. Stay a learner. 5. Honor and protect information. 6. Locate responsibility in the system. 7. Make feedback policies for feedback systems. 8. Pay attention to what is important, not just what is quantifiable. 9. Go for the good of the whole. 10. Expand time horizons. 11. Expand thought horizons. 12. Expand the boundary of caring. 13. Celebrate complexity. 14. Hold fast to the goal of goodness. (Donella H. Meadows, “Dancing with Systems”, 2001)

The Critics and Editors of Art Magazines Award

jury: Véronique Godé, Agnieszka Gratza, Alessandro Ludovico, Adam Mazur
coordinator of the jury works: Klio Krajewska

Martin Bricelj Baraga (SI)
Cyanometer: Monument to the blueness of the sky

Jury statement: By creating an elegant interface, “Cyanometer” addresses pressing ecological issues, such as air pollution in an aesthetically appealing form with sci-fi overtones. This dynamic, ever-changing sculpture simultaneously looks forward and back. Inspired by Horace-Bénédict de Saussure’s instrument by that name devised in the 18th century to quantify the blue sky’s colour intensity, the work successfully deploys 21st century technology to display archive and share frequently recorded data in a solar powered monolith. Its interactive qualities combined with the use of a polished mirror exterior that draws the viewer in suggest a new way of making art public.

Honorary mentions:

Diana Lelonek (PL)
Center for the Living Things

Jury statement: Diana Lelonek’s work has the potential to create discussions around themes relevant not only for the contemporary art, but also general public. They engage the viewer emotionally, intellectually and politically. In the work “Center for the Living Things”, ecology is connected with aesthetics, plastic merges with lichens, the present with the future.

Alexandre Larose (CA)
brouillard #19

Jury statement: Alexandre Larose’s “brouillard #19” is a deeply evocative and dreamy portrayal of a mystical landscape. Shot in camera and processed by hand, this densely layered experimental work illustrates the vitality of the analogue medium. The hypnotic, slow-paced journey along a continuously unfolding path results in a meditative viewing experience.

Nika Oblak & Primož Novak (SI)
Border Mover

Jury statement: For its seemingly humouristic dada gesture which by means of an embeded art form – a performance in a box – expresses a clear concept and universally shared feeling of being trapped into a physical and psychological system.

The Third Competition for Best Media Arts Graduation Projects Award

jury: Anna Klimczak, Marielle Nitoslawska, Julika Rudelius
the competition secretary: Małgorzata Sikorsky

Krystian Grzywacz (PL)
Vacant Spaces

supervisor: prof. Grzegorz Klaman
course: Intermedia Studies
major: Sculpture
Studio of Transdisciplinary Activities
Faculty of Sculpture and Intermedia
Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk

Jury statement: Departing from much utilized techniques in 3D scanning and body tracking, Krystian Grzywacz takes us on a philosophical stroll with latent moments of emotional tension. „Vacant spaces” departs as a reflection on technology and its current development to ultimately veer into a subtle and eternal tale about human nature and relationships, crafting a clever narrative that leaves us somewhere between wet humans, hollow scanned forms and hieroglyphic signs.