WRO on Tour #1

The „Okiem Młodych” Festival / Świdnica
screening: June 10, 2017 / Saturday / 1 PM

The 10th edition of the “Okiem Młodych” Festival in Świdnica will begin with the presentation of the WRO on Tour 2017 program.

The “Okiem Młodych” Festival is a space for meetings of documentary film enthusiasts, regardless of age and level of knowledge. It is directed both to the local residents who are interested in expanding their knowledge on cinema and current global problems as well as the representatives of the film community.

The presentation has been prepared specially for the “Okiem Młodych” Festival and touches upon the subject of a widely understood document.



I love you!, Jana Shostak (BY/PL), 2:26
Can you buy love for 1 Zloty?

Collected Works, Marta Krześlak (PL), 6:41
How many works of art you fail every day?

lost drones, The Fortunists (DE), 25:00
How to take care of a sick drone?

The Day Job, Christian Nicolay (CA), 6:56
What to do to make fun of a boring artwork?

Penguin Pool, Katharina Swoboda (AT), 3:20
Can penguins appreciate modernist architecture?

Go back to Europe, Jacek Zachodny (PL), 7:20
What do Indians think about Europeans?

TRT – 51:43


Compiled and presented by: Dagmara Domagała, Magdalena Kreis