WRO on Tour #16

Vox Electronica – Festival for Electroacoustic Music / Lviv
Center for Urban History of East Central Europe (Bohomoltsia St. 6)
screening: Apr 20, 2018 / 7 PM

The WRO on Tour #16 program entitled “Sound Systems” features video works in which music or sound serve as essential constitutional elements of the interplay with the visual layer, even if they remain silent and have to be imagined or discovered in the rhythmic structure of the spoken words. Formally, the sound aspect of the works making up the program results from different strategies – it is field-recorded and processed, composed and played on different instruments, synthesized, created algorithmically or in the unintentional acousmatic way.


The VOX ELECTRONICA festival is quite chamber, but at the same time an noticeable and important event in the European landscape of electroacoustic music, which annually collects well-known composers, musicians and performers in Lviv. The festival is organized by the Art Association “NURT” and the Department of composition of the Lviv Music Academy.

The festival overcomes stereotypes, gives answers to the question of what electroacoustic music is and what are the prospects for its development.

Since 7 years ago, when the first festival took place, VOX ELECTRONICA presents a section of various contemporary experimental currents of electroacoustic music and demonstrates to a wide range of listeners that electronic music is not only Electronic Dance Music (EDM) but a large and extremely diverse range of “serious”/classical music that is lively, exciting, relevant and extremely interesting.

Apart from the concerts, an important part of the VOX ELECTRONICA festival are lectures and master classes related to a wide range of issues: from specialized composers’ master-classes, lectures on the use of various software to the field expeditions devoted to the field-recordings and the ecology of sound.



Hiroya Sakurai (JP), The Stream VI, 2015, 6:52
Alessandro Fonte (IT), Unisono, 2013, 2:37
Mikhail Basov (RU) + Natalia Basova (RU), Film for Imaginary Music, 2014, 6:29
Om Bori (HU), Redundancy, 2015, 2:56
Shota Yamauchi (JP), Tidal Wave, 2016, 8:15
Exchange of the Rat (JP), My Ummah, Dawn Has Appeared [feat. Hatsune Miku],  2015, 4:29
Elena Artemenko (RU), Soft Power, 2016, 10:04
Sascha Pohflepp (DE), Recursion, 2016, 2:00

conceived and presented by: Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka

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