Center for leisure and creative work Czerwony Dworek 8, Myslakowice, Poland
20.07.2018 / Friday / 9 PM

The 23rd instalment of the WRO on Tour series called LABOUR RELATION has been prepared specially for the presentation in the Czerwony Dworek (Red Manor) – a center for creative work and artistic residences in Myslakowice – as a part of international Workcamp project which is being held there between 15th and 28th of July.

Two-part program features the video works selection from our multimedia network publication From Monument to Market. Video art and public space as well as from the 17. Media Art Biennale WRO 2017 DRAFT SYSTEMS travelling program.

LABOUR RELATION program, referring to the history of video art in Poland and contemporary artistic creations, examines ambiguous relationship between the employer and the employee, the producer and the consumer, the artist and the viewer as well as the work and the work itself. Any resemblance to real persons, actual events and exhibitions is coincidental and has not been the author’s idea.


Lyyying Community (PL), Lyyying Dead, or: Testing the Miracle Theory, 1990, 7:32
Lyyying Community (PL), Taxi, 1991, 2:39
Jacek Niegoda (PL), The Dissenter, 1995-2005, 5:18
Monika Grzesiewska (PL), Faster, Easier, 2001, 3:51
Janek Koza (PL), The Game, 2001, 3:13
Piotr Wyrzykowski (PL) + Ilya Chichkan (UA), Atomic Love, 2002, 7:56
Jacek Niegoda (PL), Don’t Wear Yourself Out, 2004, 4:30

Christian Nicolay (CA), The Day Job, ongoing, 6:56
Harriet Fleuriot (GB) + Sarah Cockings (GB), Plasma Vista, 2016, 7:31
Elena Artemenko (RU), Soft Power, 2016, 10:04
Jana Shostak (BY/PL), I love you!, 2015, 2:26
Emily McFarland (IE), Zabriskie Point Reversed, 2015, 5:44
Exchange of the Rat (JP), My Ummah, Dawn Has Appeared [feat. Hatsune Miku], 2015, 4:29

TRT: 01:12:09

Compiled and presented by: Dagmara Domagała

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