WRO on Tour #4

Center for leisure and creative work
Czerwony Dworek 8, Myslakowice, Poland
July 26-27, 2017

In a baroque country house at the foot of the Karkonosze Mountains, the h/2 Foundation, befriended with WRO Art Center, runs a center for creative work and artistic residences.

In July, a group of volunteers from the Czech Republic, Mexico, Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Switzerland, France and Germany has been renovating the house under the RestoARTion Camp organized in cooperation with the One World Association – SCI Poland. After work, lectures and screenings devoted to local history and contemporary art presented through the prism of the WRO Biennale and WRO audiovisual collection are held.

The fourth instalment of the WRO on Tour series has been prepared as a two-day long program specially for the presentation in the Czerwony Dworek (Red Manor) and consists of two screening programs: M2M revisited: Polish video art between 1978-2004 and art conditions/work conditions.

The M2M revisited: Polish video art between 1978-2004 screening program is an introduction to the history of Polish video art. The selected works come from our multimedia network publication From Monument to Market. Video art and public space and through the transformation of public space captured in video art show the moment of political transformation in Poland.

The art conditions/work conditions screening program features works from this year’s edition of the Biennale WRO 2017 DRAFT SYSTEMS. Art appears here as a tool of cognition allowing new insights into the materiality of the world, revealing the changing conditions in which all processes and phenomena emerge. Art is understood as the work done by artists negotiating their place in this complex coordinate system.



July 26, 2017
M2M revisited: Polish video art between 1978-2004

From My Window, Józef Robakowski, 1978-2000, 19:00
Art Is Power, Józef Robakowski, 1985, 9:10
The Cormorants: The Smoke Episode, Mirosław E. Koch, 1991, 6:50
Crash, Władysław Kaźmierczak, 1994, 9:10
Wittgenstein 3.262, Andrzej K. Urbański, 1997-2002, 1:45
Faster, Easier, Monika Grzesiewska, 2001, 4:00
We Like It a Lot, Grupa Azorro, 2001, 7:30
A, Wilhelm Sasnal, 2002, 2:40
Can Artist Make Anything?, Grupa Azorro, 2002, 7:15
Holes in Time, Igor Krenz, 2003, 1:50
Don’t Wear Yourself Out, Jacek Niegoda, 4:30

July 27, 2017
art conditions/work conditions

brouillard #19, Alexandre Larose (CA), 2015, 10:00
When a Circle Meets the Sky, Carla Chan (HK), 2016, 4:20
redundancy, Om Bori (HU), 2015, 2:56
The Stream VI, Hiroya Sakurai (JP), 2015, 6:52
Penguin Pool, Katharina Swoboda (AT), 2015, 3:20
Tidal Wave, Shota Yamauchi (JP), 2016, 8:15

Recursion, Sascha Pohflepp (DE), 2016, 2:00
The Day Job, Christian Nicolay (CA), 2013 – w toku, 6:56
I Love You!, Jana Shostak (BY/PL), 2015, 2:26
Heroic Makers vs Heroic Land, Isabelle Arvers (FR), 2016, 10:56
Soft Power, Elena Artemenko (RU),2016, 10:04
Go Back to Europe, Jacek Zachodny (PL), 2015, 7:20

prepared and presented by: Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka

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