BSMNT / Spinnereistrasse 7, Halle 18 / Leipzig (Germany)
screening: November 11, 2017 / 9 PM

Another screening of the WRO 2017 on Tour program titled On parallel universes, artificial feelings and the natural(?) beauty shows tricky ways to handle parallel realities in everyday life, how to overcome eerie feelings when switching between the different layers of reality and experiencing all the appropriations and denominations in a more and more uncanny valley of now.

The befriended BSMNT gallery in Leipzig is run by Ronny Szillo, our last year’s resident. Ronny again visited Wroclaw during the opening of the 2017 WRO Biennale in May. Our return visit and the WRO on Tour #7 screening in Leipzig together with a curatorial research planned for this occasion are another element of this interesting cooperation.


Christian Nicolay (CA), The Day Job, 6:56
Susanna Flock (AT), Fetish Finger, 6:16
Jacek Zachodny (PL), Go back to Europe, 7:20
Jana Shostak (BY/PL), I love you!, 2:26
Shota Yamauchi (JP), Tidal Wave, 8:15
Om Bori (HU), Redundancy, 2:56
Sascha Pohflepp (DE), Recursion, 2:00
Exchange of the Rat (JP), My Ummah, Dawn Has Appeared [feat. Hatsune Miku], 4:29
Carla Chan (HK), When a Circle Meets the Sky, 4:20
Hiroya Sakurai (JP), The Stream VI, 6:52

Andrey Ustinov (RU/DE), Film Noir
a looped documentation of the performative installation staged in an urban wasteland in Wroclaw, Poland, during the 2017 WRO Biennale, 8:01

compiled and presented by Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka and Klio Krajewska

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