Tapes: Rewind vol. 5. Runtime Error

11.06.2017 / 6 PM
Renoma Department Store

This time, the “Tapes: Rewind” series moves to the Renoma Department Store and takes place at one of the WRO Biennale OS (Systemic Operations) exhibitions. The 11th of June is the last day in which you can see the exhibition.

The fifth edition of the “Tapes: Rewind” touches upon the issue of the destabilization of the system. Established relationships, gestures and messages that create and justify its existence lose its significance. The connecting elements of the structure are gradually eroded.

The program begins with works presenting empty gestures within established structures. The attempts to keep them going lead to more and more severe failures, so that eventually all components of the system get destroyed.


You can also watch the works presented during the screening in the Media Library in WRO Art Center at Widok 7.


Program of the screening:

Jan Verbeek (DE), Osmotic, 2009, video, 3:00
Jan Brzuszek (PL), Dokąd prowadzi ta droga, 1989, video, 6:30
Andrzej K. Urbański (PL), Wieczna szyba, czyli przez tajemniczą barykadę jednak, 1994, video, 4:05
Lars Siltberg (SE), Man On Ice, With Balls Attached To Hands And Feet, 1998, video, 8:30
Władysław Kaźmierczak (PL), Crash, 1994, documentation of the performance, 8:55
Piotr Bikont (PL), Videoclips 88, 1988, video, 8:23
Mirosław Emil Koch (PL), Raj 69, 1989, video, 8:03
Piotr Gardecki (PL), akcja pod wrocławską siedzibą TVP w 1998, documentation, 3:17
Harald Hund & Paul Horn (AT), Dropping furniture, 2008, video, 6:00

TRT – 56:03


compiled by: Maurycy Wiliczkiewicz, Dagrmari Domagała, Kamil Kawalec


The “Tapes: Rewind” series presents video materials from the WRO archive that have been gathered and developed by the WRO Foundation for almost 30 years. The aim of the series is to present the collection and to explore various cultural areas.