fall up, float down
Ka-lun Leung (HK/PL)
video, 2015, 7:36

It is proposed that our perception is often based on certain reference points; an obvious example is the time perception which is processed with a sequence of activities. We may also slowly lose our sense between floating and falling if we don’t reach the ground over a period of time. Objects and subjects can no longer be differentiated as time is out of order.

In “fall up, float down”, Kalun explores the relationship between hyperreal representations & reality, space & spatial vision that we experience in the extreme present.

Ka-lun Leung (HK), born in 1985, received his MA in Intermedia at the University of Arts in Poznan. Leung’s work, which includes video, photography, digital media and installation, examines the ideas of accessibility, transparency and our relationship to iconographic systems, such as language, art historical symbols and common idioms. His works have been exhibited and screened at festivals across Europe, including Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival and Les Instants Vidéo.