— Dağlar!Dağlar!
Zamir Suleymanov (AZ)
7-channel video installation, 2015

The video can be contemplated from two different points of view: the mythological as mountains are part of our symbolic culture and social. There are seven mountains which recall a holy number. Both Gemigaya and Ararat tell a story about the Prophet Noah. Fortress of Elince is connected to history of Fazlallah Naimi and climbing up its summit is a personal journey for escaping the society.

When analyzing the video from the social point of view, we see well-dressed people speaking on their phones. In Azerbaijan, especially in the region Nakhchivan, where this video was filmed, the person who is a lot on the phone is considered to be an important and respected figure.

Zamir Suleymanov (AZ), born in 1987 in Baku. His work traces the instinctive bond we have with our surroundings by reflecting the spirit of time and space.

By highlighting local stereotypical dichotomies in abstract small conversations, scenes and installations, Suleymanov successfully triggers viewer’s point of view on universal resistance, no matter the type or circumstances. Stories are told by seemingly unorthodox use of simple daily local objects and the lo-fi technology that can be seen as an attempt to articulate our intuitive understanding of the ephemeral moods. Multi-layered stories with references to historical events, daily issues and folk songs, are not only an attempt to show viewers facets of global daily life, but also to give a certain courage or resistance to overcome a tempting social and inner pressure to polish and beautify.

His works were exhibited at events, such as: the Islamic Arts Festival, Moscow Young Art Biennale or GRID Festival.