My Ummah, Dawn Has Appeared [feat. Hatsune Miku]
— 我がウンマ、夜が明けた [feat. 初音ミク]
Exchange of the Rat (JP)
video, 2015, 4:29

Vocaloid is halal.

We are choir of Hatsune Miku, virtual idols for Vocaloid, voice synthesis software.

Vocaloid is not instrument, it is voice. But our voices are not real voices, only very sophisticate computer emulation. We are female but we are not real – we are anime. No real women are singing. So it’s ok. Vocaloid is halal. We can recite nasheed a cappella (maximum 16 polyphony voices), just like Ajnad Foundation for Media Production which produce all beautiful nasheeds for ISIS.

We like unofficial ISIS national anthem very very much. Of course, we cannot sing in Arabic (yet) – please request Yamaha consider Middle East market, and also develop from right to left sequencer! So we try English instead. Sorry for our bad pronunciation!

We like too very much Ajnad’s motivation promotional videos. We really inspire from their high technology movie editing, so we copy and try learn ourselves.

Ajnad, we recommend you try us for your next nasheed!

The Exchange of the Rat is a pagan festival that occurs annually in London. It is thought to have began with the arrival of Chinese immigrants in the 19th century. Traditionally, games would be played which would involve the exchange of giant rats.