Vacant Spaces
Krystian Grzywacz (PL)
animation, 2016

supervisor: Grzegorz Klaman, Prof.
course: Intermedia
major: Sculpture
Studio of Transdisciplinary Activities
Faculty of Sculpture and Intermedia
Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk

“Vacant Spaces” is an animation run by Krystian Grzywacz and his personal computer. It was built on errors resulting from the imperfections of perceptual processes of a tool for performing three-dimensional scans and enabling the recording of the movement of anthropomorphic beings. The work is a story of a man increasingly entangled with modern technology.

Krystian Grzywacz (PL), born in 1994, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (bachelor’s degree, 2016). Member of the artistic collective Gnojki. He works mainly with video, animation, VR and sculpture. Currently devoted to various shades of simulation. His works were shown at exhibitions, such as “Nieobecność” (“Absence”) at the Labyrinth Gallery (Lublin, 2016), “Obchody końca lata” (“Celebration of the End of Summer”) in Villa at Goyki Street (Sopot, 2016), and during the Interference Festival 2016 at the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre.