Zabriskie Point Reversed
Emily McFarland (IE)
video, 2015, 5:44

“Zabriskie Point Reversed” reappropriates footage from the final scene of Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1970 film Zabriskie Point – a slow motion explosion transforming the artifacts of consumer capitalism into kaleidoscopic colors and forms. Through the transgressive reversal, “Zabriskie Point Reversed” explores the linkages between radical revolutions in art, film, and society.

Emily McFarland (IE), born in 1987, received her MFA from the Glasgow School of Art in 2014 where she was awarded the Leverhulme Scholarship for Fine Art after completing a BFA from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Working with video and sculpture, her work reflects on modes of representation and cultural authority translated through an editing process. Borrowing from an assemblage of film, sound, cultural artefacts, archival footage, personal archives and ‘ripped’ videos which are reappropriated and subverted in order to draw out subtle parallels and generate alternative meanings.

Recent exhibitions include: CYFEST 10, New York Media Art Centre (NYC & SOFA, Bogota-Colombia); “In the Jungle of Cities”, GLASGOW INTERNATIONAL (Glasgow); Í DRÖGUM, Akureyri Art Museum (Iceland) and “Fortress”, Kakuouzan Apartment (Nagoya, Japan).