Andrey Ustinov (RU/DE)
performative installation
May 18, 2017 / 8.37 PM (after the sunset)
urban wasteland at the East Park

On a hidden patch of green space, an urban wasteland between a highway and a railway, the artist set up a makeshift amphitheatre. Facing the spectators, he parked a mobile lighting tower with a power generator and covered the entire headlight surface with a large metal board so that the light is completely blacked out. He installed speakers randomly throughout the area that emit amplified sounds from the generator in real-time. As soon as night falls, the headlamps and speakers automatically turn on. The spectators can see a black screen in a halo of light and hear the loud buzzing of the power generator. After seven hours of non-stop light and noise, the generator runs out of juice, resulting in complete darkness and sudden quiet in the middle of nowhere.

Andrey Ustinov (RU/DE) was born in 1975 in Luga, former Soviet Union. He moved to Germany in 2003, where he graduated from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. His site-specific and media projects deal with such topics as subjectivity, property, resources and power. He has participated in numerous international exhibitions, biennials and festivals, among others, the 1st Prague Biennale (2003), the 50th international Short Film Festival Oberhausen (2004), Rendez Vous Lyon (2008), Flaherty NYC at Anthology Film Archives (2013), the 17th Media Art Biennale WRO 2017 in Wrocław. He lives and works in Cologne.