Istanbul Yeni Havalimani
— Istanbul Yeni Havalimani
Kamen Stoyanov (BG)
wideo, 2016/2017

Investigation of the construction site and the process of constructing of the third Istanbul Airport situated north west of Istanbul, on the Black Sea. This is happening in different ways. The films shows the changing of the environment through the construction works. It has also an additional performative layer binding the whole movie. This layer opens a space of an imaginary and activist movement and searches literary and metaphorically for a way out.

Kamen Stoyanov (BG), born 1977, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He received several awards, including Scholarship from the Austrian Federal Ministry, Istanbul 2016 and MAK Schindler program Los Angeles 2012. In his work, the movement appears as an intentional act of change of a given condition, whether social, urban, cultural or institutional one. He works in various media including video, performance, installation art and drawing. Recent solo shows: Sariev Contemporary (Plovdiv, 2017), das weisse haus (Vienna, 2017), Inda Gallery (Budapest, 2016). Recent group shows: “Migrations Of Fear” (Forum Stadtpark, Graz, 2017), “The frame that blinds” (APA Galéria, Budapest, 2017), “Winter Sale” (waterside contemporary, London, 2016), “Let them draw” (Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv 2016).